Cat Vizcaino

Working with Katherine on the sale of our first home was easy and such a pleasure.   My sister has been in the real estate business for 15 years and is a successful broker, but lives 300 miles away.   Choosing a local realtor was something that I was nervous about.
            Katherine came by way of
referral and we were not disappointed!   She immediately made us feel confident in her ability to sell our home.   Insecure in the process, I had a lot of questions and I was consistently running them by my sister and bouncing them off of Katherine.   She NEVER felt threatened by this or irritated with my analytical process.  And, on top of that…she was always responsive, kind and never pushy!    We will engage Katherine on the next transaction of a new home in the DFW  area and I promise if you do the same, you feel the exact same way!