Sarah Sammon

When I started my home buying process, I had no clue about anything involved — let alone the work involved for a realtor, and often I was too overwhelmed with pure anxiety to think about anything else but finding what I was looking for. Katherine was more then patient while I changed the city and budget multiple times a day. She continued to work with me, responding to every text, email, or phone call! 
            as an example to the service I received from Katherine, Here is the process when I found the home I would end up buying — I had found a house that was “just listed” I texted Katherine and within 20 minutes we were at the house, come to find out – it was listed 1 hour prior to us arriving.  On the way to the house, she had already called the realtor and knew exactly what they wanted in an offer.  We immediately brainstormed an offer and submitted.  3 hours later, we were told another offer was accepted.  Katherine knew I was feeling down about it, unable to find another house worthy of a glance.  Katherine kept in touch with the listing agent, and days later found out that I still had a chance, we created another offer, and sure enough just as planned the original contract fell apart and I was under contract! 
            Katherine was just as important as the money in my situation.  Sure the money bought the house, but Katherine is the only reason I ended up with the house I love, in the city I wanted, and within my very limited budget.